TC.821890-Carlo Rossaro-La musica da camera vocale e strumentale-Elena Ballario

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Carlo Rossaro (1827-1878)

This, previously unpublished, opus of Carlo Rossaro’s work has been deposited with the Library of the Conservatory of Music in Torino Italy. Elena Ballario, pianist, composer and teacher at the Conservatory has re-evaluated the work and is promoting it with the aim of honoring this great Piemontese composer and bringing his repertoire of chamber and piano music to lovers of classical music in concert halls everywhere. Rossaro was a fervent admirer of Wagner and was fundamental in bringing meaning to the turmoil of an expanding cultural world in the Torino of his time. This double CD is including the premiere recording of the complete chamber music opera (both, vocal and instrumental) by Carlo Rossaro, talented musician born in a poor family from the Turin provence, that in year 1848 was nominated “honorary pianist of the King” Vittorio Emanuele. He was published by Ricordi till 1863, and also by Giudici and Strada of Torino, Bock&Bote of Berlin and Seuff of Leipzig. It was Giovannina Lucca of Milan, considered at that time the reference point for the forward-looking artists (unlike Ricordi), who published Rossaro’s compositions. Even if some of those included in this double CD are written by composers of uncertain origin, their mature style suggests the work of Rossaro in his later years.

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Cod.: TC.821890
Composer: Carlo Rossaro (1827-1878)
Performers: Alessandro Milani, violin · Sergio Patria, cello
Davide Botto, double bass · Anna Chierichetti, soprano
Riccardo Botta, tenor · Elena Ballario, piano
Edition: February 2019
Note: World Premiere Recording
2 cd Box set
Lyric: Carlo Rossaro (1827-1878)