TC.920002-Azarova, Berio, De Rossi Re, Gottardo, Luppi, Renosto, Smith, Testi, Tirincanti-Contemporary Clarinet Works-Josè Daniel Cirigliano

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Fabrizio De Rossi Re (1960), Arduino Gottardo (1950), Svitlana Azarova (1976), Flavio Testi (1923), Gian Paolo Luppi (1959), Fabrizio De Rossi Re (1960), Paolo Renosto (1935–1988), William O. Smith (1926), Luciano Berio (1925-2003), Gaspare Tirincanti (1951).
Contemporary Clarinet Works

An overview of contemporary musical research, entirely devoted to the clarinet, whose qualities of timbre and expression are explored through the inventiveness of Josè Daniel Cirigliano, a virtuoso and an original performer, specialised in avant-garde music.