TC.940001 – Carmina Nova – La tradizione nel contemporaneo – Latinobalcanica Ensemble

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Pier Paolo Scattolin (1949), Palokë Kurti (1858-1920), Francesco Tasini (1952), Chiara Benati (1956)
Carmina Nova, the Tradition in Contemporary

The Carmina Nova project stems from the observation that for certain solo and choral repertoires it is possible consistently to identify and try out some elements of contiguity in vocal emission. This has led to the current research in the spheres of contemporary and popular music. In particular, the project has proceeded in a direction aimed at expressing the aesthetic contents of the chosen repertoire by means of a vocal style that is essential and quite close to natural emission. The repertoire is composed of three different types of pieces: 1) popular songs and elaborated popular songs of Italian origin and of Balkan origin, from the Albanian and Bulgarian tradition; 2) contemporary compositions on popular themes; 3) contemporary compositions created freely with classical and popular instruments. This project is thus realised as a meeting point between tradition and the new expressive languages of contemporary musical composition, for which the past remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

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Cod.: TC.940001
Composer: Pier Paolo Scattolin (1949), Palokë Kurti (1858-1920), Francesco Tasini (1952), Chiara Benati (1956)
Performers: Latinobalcanica Ensemble: Sonila Kaceli, soprano, Elisa Bonazzi, mezzo, Elide Melchioni, mezzo, Angela Troilo, contralto
Special Guests: Annamaria Morini, flute · Lorna Windsor, soprano · Stefano Malferrari, piano · Constance Frei, violin · Fabio Tricomi, voice and zampogna · Giuseppe Pezzoli, percussions . Coro Laboratorio of Bologna Conservatory «Giovan Battista Martini»
Edition: January 2012
Lyric: Pier Paolo Scattolin (1949), Palokë Kurti (1858-1920), Francesco Tasini (1952), Chiara Benati (1956)