TC.650303 * ARCANGELO CORELLI – Opera IV – Chamber Sonatas (1694) – IL RUGGIERO

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Corelli Arcangelo
Sonate da Camera Op. IV, 1694

Corelli’s predilection for trio chamber sonatas finds an explanation in the composer’s desire to employ high instruments, of equal tessitura and timbre, conversing among themselves at a significant distance from the lower voice.

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Cod.: TC.650303
Composer: Corelli Arcangelo
Performers: Il Ruggiero, strumenti d’epoca-primo violino: Francesco la Bruna (nelle Sonate I, IV, V, VIII, IX, XI)-primo violino: Bettina Mussumeli (nelle Sonate II, III, VI, VII, X, XII)-violoncello: Franziska Romaner; tiorba: Terrel Stone-clavicembalo e organo: Emanuela Marcante
Edition: 1995