TC.672237 * ANTONIO VIVALDI – OPERA XI – 6 Concerti a Violino principale (1727)-“I Filarmonici”

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Vivaldi Antonio
Sei Concerti a Violino principale, Op. XI, 1727

The concerto RV 277 “Il Favorito” is a large work in which the opening Allegro take up more than half, opening with a bold motif ( a veritable thème-personnage) consisting of an ascending triad on the tonic. What is the meaning of mysterious title “Favoured”? Did this concerto meet with the particular favour of Charles VI ? More probably, the pubblication was an idea of the dutch editor as a marketing play.

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Cod.: TC.672237
Composer: Vivaldi Antonio
Performers: I FILARMONICI direttore: ALBERTO MARTINI; Violino solista: Ettore Pellegrino; Violini: Alberto Martini, Alberto Ambrosini, Lamberto Cadoppi, Elisa Citterio, Isabella Ferrarini, Elena Telò; Viole: Giuseppe Miglioli, Luigi Azzolini; Violoncelli: Simone Scotto, Lorenzo Corbolini; Contrabbasso: Marco Ottaviani; Cembalo: Simone Giordano; Oboe solista: Gianfranco Bortolato
Edition: 1998