TC.500001 – Various Authors – DANCES FROM VENETO IN THE EARLY XVI CENTURY – Consort Veneto

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Dances from Veneto in the early 16th Century

During the first decades of the sixteenth century, Italian dances became very much in vogue throughout Europe. Their remarkable popularity--especially in the case of the pavane, galliard and saltarello—is witnessed by their presence in the majority of collections of music for lute, both prints and manuscript. In the first half of the 1500s, the players of the shawm, cornet and trombone at the French court were for the most part Italian. Nonetheless, collections of Italian dance music were rather rare and it was not until the second half of the century that such a collection came to print: Francesco Bendusi’s "Opera nova de balli" (Venice 1553), followed twenty-five years later by Giorgio Mainerio’s "Il primo libro de balli" (1578).

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Cod.: TC.500001
Composer: AA.VV.
Performers: Flauti dolci: Aldo Bova, Gianpaolo Capuzzo, Giovanni Toffano; bombarda, cornetto e ghironda: Riccardo Drusi; bombarda e flauto dolce: Alessandro Paccagnella; bombarde: Claudio Banzato, Valentino Brunoro: trombone: Lorenzo Ciaramicoli; dulciana: Paolo Tognon; percussione: Alberto Macchini; clavicembalo e regale: Ilario Gregoletto
Edition: 2000