TC.500003 – AA.VV. – M a d r i g a l i diminuiti e passaggiati tra voce e cembalo – Silvia Rambaldi, clavicembalista-Tadashi Miroku, controtenore

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Madrigali diminuiti e passaggiati for voice and harpsichord

The selection of pieces heard here has been chosen after a rigorous study of the sources, and was inspired by the desire to compare the various keyboard adaptations of the same madrigal in order to evaluate the transformation of the poetic verses when translated to the harpsichord. Thus the vocal and instrumental performances have been juxtaposed according to specific criteria: The countertenor executes the upper voice of the madrigal with divisions. The choice of embellishments has been left up to the singer and follows the late sixteenth-century performance practice set down in the treatises cited above governing the adaptation of polyphonic music to performances by a single accompanied voice. The harpsichord provides a basso seguente accompaniment, enriched in turn by further divisions where appropriate.

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Cod.: TC.500003
Composer: AA.VV.
Performers: Silvia Rambaldi, clavicembalista-Tadashi Miroku, controtenore
Edition: 2004