“Suoni d’Arpa” in Saluzzo: the 2018 edition is over

Great success again this year for the eighth edition of the “Suoni d’Arpa” competition, held in Saluzzo at APM School of High Musical Improvement, with the participation of competitors from 23 countries.  The first prize of Category C (pedal harp up to 30 years) was won by the Dutch Johannes Willemze, winning the Tactus prize dedicated to Italian music.  Category A (harp with levers and pedals up to 15 years) saw the victory of the French Joséphine Plagnol, while the first prize in category B (pedal harp up to 20 years) was not awarded.  D category, dedicated to the duo with harp, was won by the Polish duo Noemi Hańczyk (harp) and Aleksander Pankowski vel Jankowski (guitar).  During the Festival held through the competition was presented the new Tactus CD #TC.900003 with music by Castelnuovo Tedesco, Barbara Giuranna, Luigi Maurizio Tedeschi, Nino Rota and Alfredo Casella dedicated to a partly unpublished 20th century Italian Historical repertoire. The new CD is performed by the winner of the 2015 edition of the “Music for Harp” prize Liliana Safikhanova (Russia) and will be distributed worldwide from January 2019.  The 2019 edition of the competition has been confirmed and scheduled from 30 August to 4 September 2019; not to be missed by the lovers of this wonderful instrument!!