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Gaspare Spontini (1774-1851)
Complete Vocal Chamber Music

A complete edition of all Gaspare Spontini’s vocal chamber-music pieces known up to now is presented here for the first time. These pieces were composed for all sorts of purposes (as a gift for a friend, to win the goodwill of a powerful person, or to enter the rich market of printed editions of that period), and performed in the circles of private drawing rooms. The compositions consist of bagatelle, barcarole, stances, stances élégiaques, élégies, chansonettes, strophes, Lieder, romanze, ariette, melodici accenti, duetti and duetti notturni. This recording, which is the outcome of an extensive, meticulous work on the sources, includes the collections, the independent tunes and, in the appendixes, the modified or translated pieces, the drafts and sketches, and the original contemporary arrangements.

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Cod.: TC.771960
Composer: Gaspare Spontini (1774-1851)
Performers: Patrizia Cigna, soprano - Elisa Morelli, mezzosoprano - Ashley Slater, soprano - Alessio Tosi, tenore - Sabina Belei, fortepiano and historical piano - Gianni Fabbrini, piano - Filippo Farinelli, fortepiano and historical piano - Marianne Gubri, Harp and Historical Harp - Fabiano Merlante, Historical Guitar - Chiara Sidoli, fortepiano.
Edition: September 2013
Musicological Text: Elisa Morelli · Marianne Gubri · Fabiano Merlante
Note: 5 cd box set
Lyric: Gaspare Spontini (1774-1851)