TC.920701-Giorgio Gaslini-Flute Works-Roberto Fabbriciani · Massimiliano Damerini · Orchestra Filarmonica di Roma · Ezio Monti

Pianist, composer, orchestra conductor borned in Milan (1929), a jazz musician of international fame, Mr. Gaslini has to his credit more than three thousand concerts and a hundred CDs, and is a 10 time Critics Award winner. Also active in contemporary music, after having earned six diplomas at the Milan Conservatory, he has composed symphonic works, operas and ballets for the La Scala Theater and for many other major Italian venues. The flute works by Giorgio Gaslini were composed between 1955 and 2011. Their performer and dedicatee is Roberto Fabbriciani, with whom Gaslini has had a long collaboration.

Cod.: TC.920701
Compositore: Giorgio Gaslini (1929)
Composer: Giorgio Gaslini (1929)
Titolo: Opere per flauto
Title: Flute Works
Esecutori: Roberto Fabbriciani, flauto<br> Massimiliano Damerini, pianoforte<br> Orchestra Filarmonica di Roma<br> Ezio Monti, direttore
Performers: Roberto Fabbriciani, flute<br> Massimiliano Damerini, piano<br> Orchestra Filarmonica di Roma<br> Ezio Monti, conductor
Edizione: Marzo 2014
Edition: March 2014
Testo_Musicologico: Giorgio Gaslini
Musicological_Text: Giorgio Gaslini
Note_it: World Premiere Recording
Note: World Premiere Recording
youtube-video-link: no
xLanguage_Available: ,en,it,

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