TC.680703-FRANCESCO GEMINIANI-Concerti Grossi tratti dalle op.3, 1 e 5 di Arcangelo Corelli-Ensemble RISONANZE

It is no surprise that Geminiani (like other pupils of Corelli) spent most of his life in England.
Indeed, as Johann Mattheson writes in 1713: “whoever wishes to profit from music moves to England”.
Together with Corelli, Geminiani was among the first Italian composers to see his concertos printed in England.
Having arrived in London in 1714, he rapidly achieved a reputation as a virtuoso and was soon in demand by important figures at court and among the aristocracy.

Cod.: TC.680703
Edition: July 2001
Performers: Ensemble Risonanze · Carlo Chiarappa, conductor
Composer: Francesco Geminiani (1687-1762)
Edizione: Luglio 2001
Compositore: Francesco Geminiani (1687-1762)
Esecutori: Ensemble Risonanze · Carlo Chiarappa, direttore
Title: Concerti grossi from Op. I, III, V of Arcangelo Corelli
Titolo: Concerti grossi dalle opere I, III, V di Arcangelo Corelli
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