TC.721950-Giuseppe Sarti-Complete Chamber-Music and Keyboard Works-Chiara Cattani, Roberto Noferini, Silvia Moroni

This boxed set of discs proposes a journey through the keyboard instrument works of the eminent composer Giuseppe Sarti, who was born in Faenza but was a citizen of Europe throughout his life. Most of these pieces are in solo version; some have a concertante violin accompaniment; and a few are for solo flute with basso continuo. This journey covers the 50 years of the eighteenth century that were richest in changes, ranging from the galant style to the roots of Romanticism. A noteworthy characteristic of this recording is the fact that only historical instruments have been used. Moreover the instruments are quite varied: there are eight different keyboard instruments, besides the violin and the flute. As a result, these discs are an invaluable element in the panorama of recordings relevant to Classicism, thanks also to the painstaking care and thoroughness with which the performers have defined their performance, after carrying out an extensive research in libraries all over Europe.

Cod.: TC.721950
Compositore: Giuseppe Sarti (1729-1802)
Composer: Giuseppe Sarti (1729-1802)
Titolo: Opera completa da Camera e per Tastiera
Title: Complete Chamber-Music and Keyboard Works
Esecutori: Chiara Cattani, clavicembalo, fortepiano e organo<br> Roberto Noferini, violino<br> Silvia Moroni, flauto traversiere<br>
Performers: Chiara Cattani, harpsichord, fortepiano and organ<br> Roberto Noferini, violin<br> Silvia Moroni, flute<br>
Edizione: Novembre 2013
Edition: November 2013
Testo_Musicologico: Chiara Cattani
Musicological_Text: Chiara Cattani
Note_it: Cofanetto 6 cd · Strumenti storici · World premiere recording
Note: 6cd Box Set · Historical Instruments · World premiere recording
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