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Giuseppe Millico (1737-1802)
Harp sonatas · Canzonets for Voice and Harp · Duet for Harp and Violin

It can be said that the harp is the fil rouge of the entire production of Giuseppe Millico: famous as castrato singer, great friend of Christoph Willibald Gluck, generous teacher and excellent harpist, he gave shape to his art within the Neapolitan musical environment, probably on the “Viggianese” harp. He composed twelve harp sonatas dedicated to Princess Maria Teresa and Maria Luisa Borbone, and about eighty “Canzonette”, that he used to play himself on the harp, as well as two duets (unfortunately lost) for harp and violin. In this CD we find the complete collection of sonatas, the surviving duet, and some vocal gems of his production on the texts typical of the Arcadia; Emanuela Degli Esposti’s harp on the side of Daniela Nuzzoli’s violin and Miho Kamiya’s voice, is the protagonist of this rediscovery, the result of studies and researches by musicologist Alice Talignani.

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Cod.: TC.731303
Composer: Giuseppe Millico (1737-1802)
Performers: Emanuela Degli Esposti, harp
Miho Kamiya, soprano
Daniela Nuzzoli, violin
Edition: October 2017
Musicological Text: Alice Talignani
Note: World Premiere Recording
Lyric: Giuseppe Millico (1737-1802)