TC.740303-Giuseppe Maria Cambini-Chamber Works-Sans Souci Ensemble

It is quite likely that Giuseppe Cambini influenced the Parisian milieu with his typically Italian originality. He is regarded as a pre-Romantic composer not only because he anticipated the era of Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann and Chopin, but above all because of his pensive search for expression. This is the “Italian-style Romanticism” that Boccherini had forestalled in his isolation at the Spanish court. This music belongs to a “graceful, light, rococo style” that is not suitable for expressing the dramatic aspect of emotions, except in a few passages in minor tonality: the harpsichord predominates, the violin and oboe accompany it, with occasional solo parts, and the cello doubles the bass. The handwritten word “quartetti” therefore indicates a style that is different from that of the Baroque sonata a tre, where the harpsichord and the cello were confined to the accompaniment. The trio – originally for flute, oboe and bassoon – belongs to a collection of six trios, op. 45, that are very well-crafted, brilliant, with occasional hints of sadness. Rather than pre-Romantic, this music is the climax of the classical chamber-music era.

Cod.: TC.740303
Compositore: Giuseppe Maria Cambini (1746-1825)
Composer: Giuseppe Maria Cambini (1746-1825)
Titolo: Opere da camera
Title: Chamber Works
Esecutori: Sans Souci Ensemble<br> Marcello De Fant, violino · Giuseppe Nalin, oboe<br> Serena Mancuso, violoncello · Marco Vincenzi, clavicembalo.
Performers: Sans Souci Ensemble<br> Marcello De Fant, violin · Giuseppe Nalin, oboe<br> Serena Mancuso, cello · Marco Vincenzi, harpsichord.
Edizione: Gennaio 2013
Edition: January 2013
Testo_Musicologico: Giuseppe Fochesato
Musicological_Text: Giuseppe Fochesato
Note_it: Ensemble con strumenti storici
Note: Ensemble with Historical Instruments
youtube-video-link: no
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