TC.750702-Giuseppe Giordani-Sacred Works-Coro «Goffredo Petrassi» · Stefano Cucci

The great musical writing by Giuseppe Giordani, born into the great eighteenthcentury Neapolitan school and object of recent musicological interest, here emerges in all its variety. This CD includes his work for soloists and choir with concertante organ accompaniment according to a common practice in the Italian choirs yet, still very little considered (whose origins are found back in 1602 with the Cento Concerti Ecclesiastici by Ludovico Viadana). The “Goffredo Petrassi” choir, led by Stefano Cucci, uses exceptional soloists for an appropriate appreciation of the sacred music repertoire by Giordani, author of great depth in the European Classicism panorama that saw his operatic works being represented, not only in the major Italian theaters, but also in Lisbon, Madrid and Dresden.

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Cod.: TC.750702
Compositore: Giuseppe Giordani (1751-1798)
Composer: Giuseppe Giordani (1751-1798)
Titolo: Opere Sacre
Title: Sacred Works
Esecutori: Marinella Pennicchi, soprano<br>Chiarastella Onorati, alto<br>Carlo Putelli, tenore<br>Davide Malvestio, basso<br>Coro «Goffredo Petrassi»<br>Alessandro Albenga, organo<br>Stefano Cucci, direttore
Performers: Marinella Pennicchi, soprano<br>Chiarastella Onorati, alto<br>Carlo Putelli, tenor<br>Davide Malvestio, bass<br>Choir «Goffredo Petrassi»<br>Alessandro Albenga, organ<br>Stefano Cucci, conductor
Edizione: Luglio 2016
Edition: July 2016
Testo_Musicologico: Italo Vescovo · Ugo Gironacci
Musicological_Text: Italo Vescovo · Ugo Gironacci
Note_it: World Premiere Recording
Note: World Premiere Recording
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