TC.762290-Gaetano Valeri-Opere per organo-Alessandro Perin

Taking the advantage of two great historical instruments [the Giacomo Bazzani e Figli, 1832, organ of San Lorenzo in Cavazzana (RO) church, and the Gaetano Callido 1797, organ of the Beata Vergine del Rosario in Polesella (RO) church], in this double CD organist Alessandro Perin offers a significant collection of the works by the Paduan composer Gaetano Valeri, a leading exponent of the late eighteenth century Italian keyboard music scene. Remaining anchored to the ‘galante’ style, Valeri’s sonatas are characterized by great inventiveness, singability, rhythmic variety and formal elegance, and naturally enhance the variegated tonal characteristics of the Italian seventeenth-century organs. With the participation of maestro Roberto Loreggian, to be noted the world premiere recording of the two four-hands works taking to the limit the expressive and technical features of the instrument.

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Cod.: TC.762290
Compositore: Gaetano Valeri (1764-1822)
Composer: Gaetano Valeri (1764-1822)
Titolo: Opere per organo
Title: Organ Works
Esecutori: Alessandro Perin, organ<br>Roberto Loreggian [organo a quattro mani]
Performers: Alessandro Perin, organ<br>Roberto Loreggian [organ four hands]
Edizione: Febbraio 2018
Edition: February 2018
Testo_Musicologico: Alessandro Perin
Musicological_Text: Alessandro Perin
Note_it: 2 cd Box Set · World Premiere Recording · Historical Instruments
Note: 2 CD Box Set · World Premiere Recording · Historical Instruments
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