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Luigi Rinaldo Legnani (1760-1840)
Guitar Works

Versatile musician, singer, violinist, luthier and guitarist, Luigi Legnani is a figure characterized by many different aspects. Born in Ferrara towards the end of the eighteenth century, he was a prolific and acclaimed composer and performer. He also designed interesting solutions - finally taken also by famous Viennese instrument makers - who perfected both the guitar structure and its tonal capacity. Appreciated in 1841 as “The Paganini of the guitar” Legnani leaves us a repertoire of over 250 works, most of them unknown, ranging from purely didactic compositions to those dedicated to the general public concerts. Raffaele Carpino, after a thorough investigation over the life and works of Legnani, finally proposes and interprets his works for the first time with absolute fidelity to the original nineteenth-century scores, approaching the author’s thought with the correct philological attitude.

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Cod.: TC.791201
Composer: Luigi Rinaldo Legnani (1760-1840)
Performers: Raffaele Carpino, guitar
Edition: March 2017
Musicological Text: Raffaele Carpino
Note: World Premiere Recording
Lyric: Luigi Rinaldo Legnani (1760-1840)