TC.691202 * PIETRO ANTONIO LOCATELLI – Sonate a Flauto Traversiere Solo e Basso – Opera II (1732) Sonate da 1 a 6 – IL RUGGIERO

The “XII Sonate à Flauto Traversière Solo & Basso” were published in 1732. The front page reads “Dedicated to the most illustrious Nicola Romswinkel. By Pietro Locatelli from Bergamo. Opera II. Amsterdam, published in self”. It is curious that a famous violin virtuoso such as Locatelli, published his first sonatas for the German Flute. Indeed, modern musicology tends to give a limited importance to the work not finding formal or stylistic innovations worthy of interest. Certainly the composer mastered the instrument, as is witnessed by the technical quality of the work. Furthermore, the Author taught the use of the instrument to Mr. Romswinkel, an amateur flute player, to whom the same Opera II is dedicated (“... as you made me the honour of being a disciple of mine...”).

Cod.: TC.691202
Total Lenght: 55:00
Edition: 1999
Composer: Pietro Antonio Locatelli (1695-1764)
Performers: Ensemble «Il Ruggiero» with historical instruments · Daniele Tonini, german flute · Alessandro Palmeri, cello · Emanuela Marcante, harpsichord
Durata Totale: (Italiano) 55:00
Edizione: 1999
Compositore: Pietro Antonio Locatelli (1695-1764)
Esecutori: Ensemble «Il Ruggiero» su strumenti originali · Daniele Tonini, flauto tedesco · Alessandro Palmeri, violoncello · Emanuela Marcante, clavicembalo
Title: Sonate a Flauto Traversiere Solo e Basso, Opera II, 1732
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Titolo: Sonate a Flauto Traversiere Solo e Basso, Opera II, 1732
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