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Giovanni Benedetti Platti (1697-1763)
VI Sonate a flauto traversiere solo con basso continuo Op. III

Giovanni Platti was born in Venice in 1697. Eminent flutist, oboist, harpsichordist and composer, from 1724 he held the post of "Virtuoso di Camera" to Prince Friedrich, bishop of Bamberg and Würzburg. He died in this city in 1763. His collection of Sei sonate a Flauto traversiere Solo con Violoncello ovvero Cembalo op. 3 was printed in around 1743 by the publisher Johann Ulrich Haffner of Nuremberg, and its dedication sheds light on an important aspect of the artistic contents of the work. In just a few deferential lines, Platti defines himself as "the unworthy flute teacher of the Illustrious Lord Pietro Filippo di Krufft", who was such an excellent player of this "exceedingly sweet instrument" that he showed up not only dilettantes but also the teachers themselves. Thus it was the great talents and abilities of the student to whom the sonatas were dedicated which inspired the numerous virtuosic passages contained therein. This characteristic element, normally absent from collections intended for amateurs, is most evident in the last sonata. In op. 3, the presentation of the melody is always clearly inserted into a solid formal structure.

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Cod.: TC.691602
Composer: Giovanni Benedetti Platti (1697-1763)
Performers: Ensemble «Festina Lente» · Mario Folena, solo flute · Roberto Loreggian, harpsichord · Cristiano Contadin, viola da gamba · Paola Frezzato, baroque bassoon · Franco Zorzi, guitar
Edition: 2000
Note: Flauto traverso - K. Folkers, Washington, 1981, copia da G.A.Rottenburg, Brussels, 1745 ca.; Fagotto - O. Cottet, Parigi, 1987, copia da J.Heichentopf (1686 - 1769); Viola da gamba a sette corde - Daniela Chiaramonte, Pistoia,1996, copia da M. Colichon,1689; Chitarra barocca - P.Busato, Padova, 1996, copia da Anonimo francese, prima metà XVIII sec.; Clavicembalo - Florindo Gazzola, Campese (Vicenza), 1990, copia da Anonimo italiano della metà del XVII sec.; Organo. - B. Zardini, Volargne (Verona) 1995, copia da Anonimo tedesco, prima metà del XVIII sec.