TC.701306 – Padre GIOVANNI BATTISTA MARTINI – Requiem and Missa Solemnis – MELODI CANTORES

Even nowadays Father Giovanni Battista Martini is only really well-known to music theorists and historians, collectors and teachers. Research by musicologists and interest on the part of performers only occasionally focuses on Father Martini as a composer of sacred and secular vocal music, but some of his instrumental works are sometimes performed. Contrary to general belief, the Franciscan monk composed a vast quantity of very varied music that ranged from solo motets, to instrumental concertos and music to accompany theatrical performances. This 18th century Italian composer fitted perfectly into the musical life of his times, a maestro di cappella attentive to church requirements and dedicated to the organ. Father Martini left us an incredible number of compositions for organ, practically all of which are bound in six autograph volumes are are conserved in the Civico Museo Bibliografico Musicale in Bologna, which bears his name. Martini’s two Masses for Organ, the Messa Solenne and the Messa per i Defunti (Solemn and Funeral Masses) adhere strictly to the liturgical practise of alternatim between the choir and the organ. The verses in them are only linked to the vocal part by their tonal similarity: there is no trace of the cantus firmus in them except in the sequence Dies Irae, which vaguely echoes the Gregorian chant.

Cod.: TC.701306
Total Lenght: 62:39
Edition: April 2005
Composer: Giovanni Battista Martini (1706-1784)
Composer: Giovanni Battista Martini (1706-1784)
Performers: Ensemble "Melodi Cantores": Decio Biavati, Andrea Favari, Mirko Maltoni, Mauro Medri, Walid Zogheib. Elena Sartori, organ and conductor
Durata Totale: (Italiano) 62:39
Edizione: Aprile 2005
Compositore: Giovanni Battista Martini
Esecutori: Ensemble «Melodi Cantores»: Decio Biavati, Andrea Favari, Mirko Maltoni, Mauro Medri, Walid Zogheib. Elena Sartori, organo e direzione
Title: Requiem - Missa Solemnis
Testo_Musicologico: Jolando Scarpa
Musicological_Text: Jolando Scarpa
Note_it: Organ (1526) of Giovanni Battista Facchetti (1475ca-post 1555)<br> Church of San Michele in Bosco in Bologna
Note: Organo (1526) di Giovanni Battista Facchetti (1475ca-post 1555)<br> della chiesa di San Michele in Bosco in Bologna
Titolo: Requiem - Missa Solemnis
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