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Alessandro Salvolini (1700ca.-1770ca.)
Missa Defunctorum - Missa brevis - Missa in D - Sacred Works

Alessandro Salvolini, often cited and praised as a composer, conductor and organizer in all of the important musical events which took place in the city of Ravenna between 1723 and 1760. We know from the chronicles that his compositions included countless oratories, celebratory and sacred cantatas, masses, motets, and pieces composed for specific occasions: in short, all the music that a city might need (with the exception of opera, generally considered an ill-suited genre for a clergyman). As often happens, unfortunately, very little of this enormous production has survived. The first works to have disappeared are the occasional pieces, considered unworthy of preservation. The cantatas and oratories are instead extant only as librettos, without a note of music. Salvolini’s compositions for the Office have, however, survived: masses, motets (incomplete), and hymns written while he was maestro di cappella at the Duomo.

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Cod.: TC.701901
Composer: Alessandro Salvolini (1700ca.-1770ca.)
Performers: Ensemble "I Luoghi dello Spirito” - cantus: Patrizia Vaccari, altus: Stefano Albarello, tenor and altus: Marco Scavazza, tenor: Mauro Collina, bassus: Andrea Favari; violins: Angela Nardo, Stefano Martini, cello: Cecilia Amadori, organ: Maria Luisa Baldassari, Marina Scaioli - Conductor: Maria Luisa Baldassari and Marina Scaioli
Edition: 2000