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Barbella Emanuele (1718 -1777)
Six Trios for two Violins and Cello (Hamilton trios, London, 1772)

The works of Barbella had a certain diffusion in Europe, given that, between 1762 and 1774, ten of his collections of sonatas, duets and trios were edited in Paris and London – the two major centres for the publication of chamber music in the third quarter of the century. These compositions, together with others which remained as manuscripts, mostly met the expectations of the public of the time, which asked for simplicity and agreeableness; but the occasional harmonic surprises and calling on folk motifs – characteristics in which one can maybe find the influence of the Tartini school from which Barbella descended - also brought that wave of “rare eccentricity” noted by Burney, that could have represented an attractive aspect for the most cultured and up-to-date public.

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Cod.: TC.712701
Composer: Barbella Emanuele (1718 -1777)
Performers: Ensemble “Le Musiche da Camera”
Edition: November 2004