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CARLO BESOZZI (1738-1791)
Sonatas for two Oboes, two Horns, and bassoon

Of all the musicians in the Besozzi family, it was Carlo, the son of Antonio, who enjoyed the greatest reputation. The measure of his success is witnessed by the numerous testimonies written by his contemporaries as well as by payment records to the members of the orchestra in Dresden, which attest to both the substantial salary and the elevated position which he held in relation to other members of the orchestra. Carlo’s prestige is further supported by documents which indicate his having obtained frequent permission to concertize in other cities, an exclusive treatment not made available to other members of the chapel. Carlo Besozzi’s reputation was such that the Musikalischer Almanach für Deutschland auf das Jahr 1782 wrote: “ this name is so familiar that there is no need to add any further praise”. The almanac seems to support Carlo and judge him superior to his father. Contemporary comments are quite detailed and technical and gives us a precise idea of his manner of playing, with a purity of timbre, great intensity of sound, and the use of messa di voce.

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Cod.: TC.730201
Composer: CARLO BESOZZI (1738-1791)
Performers: Ensemble Barocco Sans Souci: Giuseppe Nalin: oboe, Ruggero Vartolo: oboe, Paolo Tognon: bassoon, Dileno Baldin: horn, Francesco Meucci: horn; Giuseppe Nalin, conductor
Edition: June 2006