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Gaetano Franceschini (1730-1790)
Six Sonatas for two Violins and Continuo, Op. I, Amsterdam, 1769

Gaetano Franceschini (173?-179?) belongs to that thriving company of musicians whose name has not yet been considered worthy of even the scantiest biography. In fact, one can search in vain for an article entitled "Franceschini, Gaetano" in the major musical-biographical dictionaries of this century. And yet a musicological bibliography testifies to the existence of two of his collections of sonatas for two violins and basso continuo, published in Amsterdam by the printer Johann Julius Hummel in 1769. The only information concerning the life of this musician comes from the New World, and specifically from Charleston, one of the largest cities in the state of South Carolina. Here, in 1762, the Society of St. Cecilia was founded, whose purpose was the fostering of music by means of concerts reserved for its members (who also occasionally performed), as well as for invited guests and the paying public.

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Cod.: TC.730601
Composer: Gaetano Franceschini (1730-1790)
Performers: ACCADEMIA della MAGNIFICA COMUNITÀ - original instruments: Enrico Casazza I Violin; Isabella Longo II violin; Francesco Ferrarini cello; Roberto Loreggian harpsichord
Edition: 1998