TC.740302 – GIUSEPPE MARIA CAMBINI – Sei Trii concertanti – Opera 26 – TRIO TOURTE

These trios are formally quite simple, composed in two movements: an allegro in sonata form followed by a rondò or minuet. The Viennese stamp is clear, even if they lack Haydn’s usual thematic "economy". Generally speaking, the moving force is the flute, although the violin (and less frequently the viola) is involved in concise dialogues. The works are dominated by musical invention and a taste for the changeability of typically classical situations: the exchange of ideas, the play of harmonic progressions, the alternation of loud and soft phrases. Such compositional devices would not have gone unnoticed in late eighteenth-century Paris

Cod.: TC.740302
Total Lenght: 65:21
Edition: 2002
Composer: Giuseppe Maria Cambini (1746-1825)
Performers: Trio Tourte: Flute: Nicola Guidetti; Violin: Emanuele Benfenati; Viola: Loris Dal Bo
Durata Totale: (Italiano) 65:21
Edizione: 2002
Compositore: Giuseppe Maria Cambini (1746-1825)
Esecutori: Trio Tourte: Flauto: Nicola Guidetti; Violino: Emanuele Benfenati; Viola: Loris Dal Bo
Title: Six Trios Op. XXVI
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Titolo: Six Trios Op. XXVI
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