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Grazioli Alessandro (1770 -1834)
Organ Sonatas

These Ventuno Sonate by Alessandro Grazioli are compositions of a simple formal architecture, built upon monothematic bipartite schemes. They are all composed in a single movement, and are characterized by the total absence of development of the theme itself. Grazioli instead relies on the use of variations on the themes, almost as if they were variegated reprises of simple melodies. Thus, while the first part of the musical discourse proceeds from the tonic key to the dominant or its relative major or minor, the second part returns to the original tonic by means of modulations of greater or lesser complexity. Moreover, these works are entirely lacking in indications concerning both organ registration and dynamics. As for the use of the pedal, specific indications are found only in the Sonata n. 12. The aesthetic style and structure of these compositions for organ by Grazioli reflect the musical tastes of the Venetian Settecento.

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Cod.: TC.770701
Composer: Grazioli Alessandro (1770 -1834)
Performers: Alberto Guerzoni
Edition: Jannuary 2003
Note: Organo Gaetano Callido 1787,opera n° 236