TC.780701 – MAURO GIULIANI – Guitar Works – Sandro Volta

Giuliani’s life was marked by three clearly defined periods:a first period of musical study in Italy, up to the age of eighteen;a longer period (lasting about twenty years) of study and development of his career in Vienna, where he established himself as virtuoso and composer, leaving to the Austrian school of guitar a valuable legacy;finally, a third period, again in Italy (Rome and Naples), where he died.
From a strictly musical point of view, one can glean a change of tastes and styles which occurred between the Viennese period, marked by the classicism of the Sonata op.
15 composed in 1708, and the Italian period represented by the Grande Ouverture op.
61 and the Rossiniane (paraphrases of noted operatic themes by Giovacchino Rossini).
The final period is characterized by the romanticism which pervades a work published posthumously and known as the Giulianate; at this time he also returned to his beloved variations, but now on themes tied to Neapolitan and Irish folklore.
Instruments played for this record:chitarra Anton Stauffer, Wien, 1840 (track 1,2,3,10,11,12)chitarra Hauser nello stile Stauffer, Munich, 1913 (track 4,5,6)chitarra anonima (unlabeled) attr.
Grobert, Paris, metà ottocento (track 7,8,9)chitarra George Louis Panormo, London, 1864 (track 13,14,15,16)

Cod.: TC.780701
Total Lenght: 01:00:24
Edition: July 2005
Historic period: Classicism
Composer: Giuliani Mauro
Composer: Giuliani Mauro
Performers: Sandro Volta
Note: Multimedia bonus track
Durata Totale: (Italiano) 01:00:24
Edizione: Luglio 2005
Periodo Storico: (Italiano) Classicismo
Compositore: Giuliani Mauro
Esecutori: Sandro Volta
Title: Guitar Works
Titolo: Guitar Works
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