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Anonimous, Johannes Brochus, [attr.] Antoine Busnoys, Francesco degli Albizzi, Firminus le Caron, Feo Belcari, Josquin d’Ascanio, Bernardo Giambullari, Leonardo Giustinian, Hayne van Ghizeghem, [Franci[gena], Angelo Poliziano, Castellano Castellani, Bartolomeo Tromboncino

On this CD the experienced Anonima Frottolisti Ensemble, a group specializing in early music and medieval, faces a very little performed yet very interesting repertoire: the "contrafacta", compositions in which the lyrics and the melodies are mixed in a diverse blend of sacred and profane. Starting from the twelfth century, these two seemingly opposing worlds have different points of contact in the custom to use secular texts on sacred melodies. Later, however, the trend is the opposite: popular melodies in vogue at the time are filled with liturgical and spiritual texts, thus becoming an effective mean to lead people to faith and to the knowledge of the scriptures.