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Girolamo Cavazzoni (1506/12? - post 1577)
Complete Organ Works

This double CD containing the complete works for organ by Girolamo Cavazzoni is a must document for Italian Renaissance music lovers. The work is in fact performed in the beautiful acoustic setting of the Basilica of Santa Barbara in Mantova on the Graziadio Antegnati 1565 organ designed by the same Cavazzoni and played by him as Gonzaga court organist until his death. Through the great sound of this rediscovered instrument, Ivana Valotti, assisted by the Cantus planus by Gianluca Ferrarini for the alternatim, offers the listener a perfectly philological interpretation yet full of suggestion: an absolute reference in the rediscovery of Italian musical history.

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Cod.: TC.510391
Composer: Girolamo Cavazzoni (1506/12? - post 1577)
Performers: Ivana Valotti, organ
Edition: November 2016
Musicological Text: Giovanni Acciai · Ivana Valotti
Note: 2CD Box Set · World Premiere Edition
Historical Instruments
Organ Graziadio Antegnati 1565, Basilica of S. Barbara in Mantua
Lyric: Girolamo Cavazzoni (1506/12? - post 1577)