TC.550007-Gregorio Allegri-Unpublished Works from the manuscripts of the Collectio Altæmps-Musica Flexanima · Fabrizio Bigotti

Although the output of Gregorio Allegri (1582-1652) was not large, it covered almost every musical genre of the time, from strict polyphony to monody, instrumental music and the cantata. He is now remembered principally as the composer of the nine-voice Miserere, written around 1638 for the Holy Week celebrations and made famous in the nineteenth century version which requires a high C in the coro favorito. Five years of bibliographic and musical research in Italy and abroad have permitted the rediscovery of the well-rounded personality that his contemporaries recognized in Allegri, and, from this point of view, quite apart from a world premier recording of exceptional importance, the pieces contained in the Altemps manuscripts undoubtedly constitute a new chapter to add to the history of sacred music.

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Cod.: TC.550007
Compositore: Gregorio Allegri (1582-1652)<br>Pietro Bonomi (1555-1617)<br> Giovanni Francesco Anerio (1567-1630)
Composer: Gregorio Allegri (1582-1652)<br>Pietro Bonomi (1555-1617)<br> Giovanni Francesco Anerio (1567-1630)
Titolo: Opere inedite dai manoscritti della Collectio Altæmps
Title: Unpublished Works from the manuscripts of the Collectio Altæmps
Esecutori: Musica Flexanima<br>Fabrizio Bigotti, direttore
Performers: Musica Flexanima<br>Fabrizio Bigotti, conductor
Edizione: Novembre 2014
Edition: November 2014
Testo_Musicologico: Fabrizio Bigotti
Musicological_Text: Fabrizio Bigotti
Note_it: Word Premiere Recording · Strumenti originali
Note: Word Premiere Recording · Historical Instruments
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