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Camillo Cortellini (1561-1630)
The Masses · Complete Edition

The grandeur of the Italian Renaissance polyphonic school does not need an introduction, but this set focuses on the work of a very little known and performed composer from Bologna: Camillo Cortellini. The complete collection of his masses gives us a correct understanding of the historical reassessment of the Bologna music school (as compared to the celebrated Roman or Venetian schools). The “Messa Bolognese” by Cortellini (first to be composed in concert style) will in fact be an important link between the late Renaissance and the Baroque. The edition of this CD was made possible thanks to the participation of Bolognese choirs (Coro Euridice, Coro Eclectica, Coro of the Basilica of San Petronio, Bologna Chamber Choir) and other highly qualified Italian choirs (Coro Histonium di Vasto, Coro Super partes di Roseto degli Abruzzi, Coro Città di Roma and Vocalia Consort di Roma, Studium Canticum di Cagliari, Coro Polifonico S. Antonio Abate di Cordenons) that completed this huge work with great variety of organic.

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Cod.: TC.560380
Composer: Camillo Cortellini (1561-1630)
Performers: Coro polifonico Histonium «B. Lupacchino dal Vasto» · Super Partes Vocal Ensemble · Coro da Camera di Bologna Coro da Camera Eclectica · Coro Città di Roma · Vocalia Consort · Studium Canticum · Coro Euridice Cappella musicale della Basilica di S. Petronio · Ensemble «Color Temporis» · Coro Polifonico S. Antonio Abate
Edition: April 2017
Musicological Text: Rossana Dalmonte, Pier Paolo Scattolin
Note: World Premiere Recording
3cd box set
Historical Instruments
Lyric: Camillo Cortellini (1561-1630)