TC.672255-Antonio Vivaldi-Concertos for four instruments · Triosonata-Maria Giovanna Fiorentino · I Fiori Musicali

The chamber music of Vivaldi is a remarkable side of Vivaldi’s art and the Vivaldi Renaissance is one of the more meaningful facts about baroque music in our time. The concertos and the sonata here recorded are seldom performed and recorded, but through the link between virtuosic liveliness and deep melodic expression, counterpoint and melody focus brilliantly to show Vivaldi’s talent and artistry. Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, an Italian composer and violinist in the Venetian Baroque, was one of the best violin virtuosos of his time. Once considered one of his era’s most celebrated violin virtuosos, he is now considered one of the greatest Baroque composers. Hailed throughout Europe as a most important, influent and original composer, Vivaldi critically contributed to the development of the solo concerto initiated by Giuseppe Torelli, simultaneously doing so in the development of violin technique and orchestration. Throughout his lifetime, Vivaldi - a composer of many lyric operas - penned an enormous corpus of works encompassing countless concertos, sonatas, and sacred music. In his concertos and chamber sonatas, Vivaldi reveals his wonderful melodic talent with both deep and elegant allure. With unanimous audience applause continuing into the present era, the Vivaldi Renaissance is truly one of the most meaningful and brilliant trends in the world of Baroque music today.

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Cod.: TC.672255
Compositore: Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
Composer: Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
Titolo: Concerti a quattro · Sonata a tre
Title: Concertos for four instruments · Triosonata
Esecutori: I Fiori Musicali<br>Maria Giovanna Fiorentino, flauto dolce e traversiere<br>Dario Luisi, violino barocco · Paolo Tognon, fagotto barocco<br>Fabiano Merlante, tiorba e chitarra barocca · Maria Luisa Baldassari, clavicembalo
Performers: I Fiori Musicali<br>Maria Giovanna Fiorentino, flutes<br>Dario Luisi, baroque violin · Paolo Tognon, baroque bassoon<br>Fabiano Merlante, theorbo and baroque guitar · Maria Luisa Baldassari, harpsichord
Edizione: Novembre 2014
Edition: November 2014
Testo_Musicologico: Maria Giovanna Fiorentino
Musicological_Text: Maria Giovanna Fiorentino
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