TC.791302-Antonio Maria Musilli-Organ Works-Alessandro Bianconi

The idea of rediscovering and playing the fine organ works by Antonio Maria Musilli has a significant cultural value, as his compositions certainly enrich the music works produced in Umbria during the Risorgimento. At the time in Umbria there were many active organists such as Morettini, Martinelli and others, but they did not produce numerous works; however, some organ compositions, such as the one presented in this CD, were recently discovered. Musilli’s organ works show that he had a very eclectic style, which, in respect of the traditions of his time, led him to compose some original and brilliant works, far from stereotypes. His style is characterized by lively melodic patterns, brilliant rhythmic elements, an ability to reduce ornaments and a variety of harmonic models. Musilli was in constant search of varied and original music patterns.

Cod.: TC.791302
Compositore: Antonio Maria Musilli (1792-1880)
Composer: Antonio Maria Musilli (1792-1880)
Titolo: Opere per organo
Title: Organ Works
Esecutori: Alessandro Bianconi, organo
Performers: Alessandro Bianconi, organ
Edizione: Maggio 2013
Edition: May 2013
Testo_Musicologico: Giuseppe Magrino, Alessandro Bianconi.
Musicological_Text: Giuseppe Magrino, Alessandro Bianconi.
Note_it: Collana Archivio Basilica Papale of S. Francesco - Assisi (PG).<br> Organo Francesco Polinori, 1763 - S. Francesco, Città di Castello (PG).<br> Organo Angelo Morettini, 1848 - S. Nicolò di Celle (PG).
Note: Collection Archive Basilica Papale di S. Francesco - Assisi (PG).<br> Organ Francesco Polinori, 1763 - S. Francesco, Città di Castello (PG).<br> Organ Angelo Morettini, 1848 - S. Nicolò di Celle (PG).
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