TC.830001-Caramiello, Albano, Graziani-Neapolitan Songs and famous Melodies-Letizia Belmondo

Letizia Belmondo - one of the major interpreters of the harp scene, winner of the most important international competitions - is the exceptional interpreter of the fascinating music included in this CD dedicated to the historical revaluation of the great Neapolitan melody, brought on the harp by the masters of the Italian harp school between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. It is precisely in Naples itself that these composers were active, and in their compositions evoked the wonder and spontaneity of melodies that became famous all over the world. On the side of these, we have transcriptions of some of the most famous arias of the eighteenth-century in a colourful mixture of folk costume and operatic and theatrical tradition.

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Cod.: TC.830001
Compositore: Giovanni Caramiello (1838-1938) · Vincenzo Albano (XIX sec.) · Vincenzo Maria Graziani (XIX sec.)
Composer: Giovanni Caramiello (1838-1938) · Vincenzo Albano (XIX sec.) · Vincenzo Maria Graziani (XIX sec.)
Titolo: Canzoni napoletane e celebri melodie trascritte e variate per arpa
Title: Neapolitan Songs and famous Melodies transcribed for harp
Esecutori: Letizia Belmondo, arpa
Performers: Letizia Belmondo, harp
Edizione: Luglio 2018
Edition: July 2018
Testo_Musicologico: Francesco Caramiello
Musicological_Text: Francesco Caramiello
Note_it: World Premiere Recording
Note: World Premiere Recording
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