TC.870001-Guido Alberto Fano · Silvio Omizzolo-Works for cello and piano and for piano solo-Rocco Filippini · Andrea Bacchetti

Two fantastic performers - Rocco Filippini and Andrea Bacchetti - here offer to us a compelling interpretation of rare works from the historical Italian Novecento by Guido Alberto Fano, pianist, composer, conductor and favorite pupil of Giuseppe Martucci, and by Silvio Omizzolo, esteemed pianist and composer appreciated by some greats such as Gian Francesco Malipiero, Luigi Dallapiccola and Giorgio Federico Ghedini. Both of them belong to that group of musicians that, together with the Cecilian movement and further to the Generation of the eighties concurred to the rebirth of the Italian instrumental music and diffusion of the European symphonic and chamber repertoire that in the early twentieth century still found it hard to receive the deserved attention. This chamber music CD gives us a perfect glimpse of a moment in history that still remains little known while revealing unsuspected musical gems.

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Cod.: TC.870001
Compositore: Guido Alberto Fano (1875-1961)<br>Silvio Omizzolo (1905-1991)
Composer: Guido Alberto Fano (1875-1961)<br>Silvio Omizzolo (1905-1991)
Titolo: Opere per violoncello e pianoforte e per pianoforte solo
Title: Works for cello and piano and for piano solo
Esecutori: Rocco Filippini, violoncello<br>Andrea Bacchetti, pianoforte
Performers: Rocco Filippini, cello<br>Andrea Bacchetti, piano
Edizione: Ottobre 2016
Edition: October 2016
Testo_Musicologico: Vitale Fano
Musicological_Text: Vitale Fano
Note_it: World Premiere Recording
Note: World Premiere Recording
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