TC.870602-Guido Alberto Fano-Complete Works for Violin and Piano-Duo Komma

Within the context of the work that is currently being done to rediscover and reappraise the chamber-music repertoire by Italian composers of the last twenty years of the nineteenth century and first half of the twentieth, the Duo Komma presents, in the first recording worldwide, the complete works of the Paduan composer Guido Alberto Fano. Thanks to the support of the Archivio Fano of Venice, the manuscripts and first printed editions of Fano’s pieces for violin and piano have been retrieved, in order to promote the re-emergence of a part of the production of this composer, who is chiefly known for his piano and orchestra works. This CD, besides some early pieces, characterised by their intense, post-Romantic lyricism – the three Pagine d’album, from  1895, and the Andante appassionato, from 1896 – contains the Sonata Fantasia (in the version of 1941, with the addition of the last movement of the version of 1893), Ansietà, a rather experimental piece composed in 1932, and a pompous transcription of J.S. Bach’s Sonata BWV 1016, consistent with the style that predominated in that period and was much appreciated by contemporary composers, including Busoni, Martucci and Respighi.

Cod.: TC.870602
Compositore: Guido Alberto Fano (1875-1961)
Composer: Guido Alberto Fano (1875-1961)
Titolo: Opera completa per violino e pianoforte
Title: Complete Works for Violin and Piano
Esecutori: Duo Komma<br>Roberto Costa, violino · Filippo Farinelli, pianoforte
Performers: Duo Komma<br>Roberto Costa, violin · Filippo Farinelli, piano
Edizione: Ottobre 2013
Edition: October 2013
Testo_Musicologico: Vitale Fano
Musicological_Text: Vitale Fano
Note_it: Prima Incisione Mondiale
Note: World Premiere Recording
youtube-video-link: no
xLanguage_Available: ,en,it,

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