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Rosario Scalero (1870-1954)
Works for Violin and Piano

Music, and its history, often confront music lovers with little-known composers whose music makes it necessary for listeners not only to listen, but also to pay attention to something quite new that, paradoxically, often comes from a glorious past and has been inexorably swept away by Time, or, to put it in a more Dahlahusian way, the “Broom of Time”. This is undoubtedly what happened to the Piedmontese musician Rosario Scalero, who was a violinist, a composer and a teacher. The wonder of these (re)discoveries is almost always followed by an equal wish to know something more about the composer’s life, and he becomes, as sometimes he had done in the past, an object of veneration and heated debates. Though this might not happen with Scalero, there is no doubt that his music arouses a great interest, even at a first, cursory listening.

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Cod.: TC.871901
Composer: Rosario Scalero (1870-1954)
Performers: Mauro Tortorelli, violin
Angela Meluso, piano
Edition: February 2014
Musicological Text: Edmondo Filippini
Note: World Premiere Recording