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Franco Margola (1908-1992)
Complete Piano Works

The piano work by Franco Margola, brilliant composer and teacher of the second half of the twentieth century, is presented for the first time in an integral edition within this triple CD containing his greatest works and his didactic compositions that Margola continued writing even in his most advanced age. Here Margola’s musical writing quality appears in all its value, testifying the unconditional esteem his music enjoyed by one of the greatest pianists of all time, Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, that often used to perform his works in concert. The performance is entrusted to the rare technical and expressive abilities of Alessandro Deljavan, a multi-award-winning top performer of the current international piano scene.

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Cod.: TC.901380
Composer: Franco Margola (1908-1992)
Performers: Alessandro Deljavan, piano
Edition: July 2018
Musicological Text: Stefania Navacchia
Note: 3CD Box Set · World Premiere Recording