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Gino Marinuzzi Jr. (1920-1996)
Piano Works

Son of the famous Conductor and Composer Gino Marinuzzi, was born in New York on April 1920 during a USA tournée of his father. As a good piano player and a brilliant student, he started composing mainly piano music before the Composer Graduation. In fact, his first opera was the Concertino for piano, oboe, sax and strings ensemble written at the age of 16. Moved in 1946 from Mailand to Rome, he began a rich and successful work life, composing music for radio, television and cinema and teaching in the Conservatoire “S. Cecilia”. He was one of the first Italian artist to explore the new electronic music, so that he created with Paolo Ketoff the Fonosynth. From 1943 to 1944 he was imprisoned in Ludwigshafen nazist camp, where he wrote the Lagerlieder for piano 4 hands, discovered only by his students many years later. He died in Rom in November 1996. This cd, which contains the Partita for two pianos, the Divertimento on a traditional Theme for piano 4 hands and the unedited Lagerlieder, is the first of a piano opera omnia.

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Cod.: TC.921301
Composer: Gino Marinuzzi Jr. (1920-1996)
Performers: Martina Colli · Rossella Rubini, piano
Edition: September 2012
Note: Complete Works for Two Pianos and Piano Four Hands