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Diego Conti (1958)
String Quartets

Diego Conti, violinist and contemporary composer, is certainly standing a tough challenge in creating these new string quartets, a genre that in the history of chamber music has seen the signatures of the most illustrious geniuses that produced hundreds of masterpieces. It takes courage, perhaps a bit of unconsciousness and, above all, an unshakable faith in a musical language that, after all, can still say something new in this uncertain and unstable age where the non-culture and the resulting confusion seem to be reigning. The Officina Musicale orchestral quartet, historical group specialized in repertoires ranging from classicism to contemporary music, is the interpreter of this first recording in which the quartet, considered amongst the most abstract musical forms - like the still life for the painter - becomes a kind of diagnosis of the loss of identity of our time, in which “lyricism” remains in distant worlds, between ruins, shadows and lunar landscapes.

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Cod.: TC.950390
Composer: Diego Conti (1958)
Performers: Officina Musicale: Daniela Cammarano · Daniele Orlando, violins
Zita Pintér, viola
Antonio Mostacci, cello
Edition: July 2017
Musicological Text: Alessandro Zignani
Note: World Premiere Recording · 2cd box set