TC.961601-Marco Podda-Le corde dell’aria-Laura Antonaz · Giorgio Di Giorgi · Jacopo Francini · Lara Macrì

An alternation that recalls a noble ancestry, which is, not by chance, Triestine (for example, authors that we listen to with empathy, Mario Zafred, Pavle Merkù, Daniele Zanettovich), Podda combines 12 numbers, some instrumental, other vocal, creating what we could define a lyric suite: The Chords of the Air. As he affirms “these pieces are not recent, but very intimistic”, composed between 2007 and 2012, which represent “something that links the past to the present […] as a souvenir photo”. Stylistically, this ‘antihistorical music’, whose temporary title was The Air and the Chords, doesn’t owe anything to any ideology of music historicism, nor to neo-avantgarde or has no inclination towards any mere ambition of restoration. In this music, there is only emotion, memory and a desire to communicate. In symbolic and archetypal meaning, which is far more important of any real and calculable measure, the desert and the sea have no borders; the grains of sand of the one and the drops of water of the other appear infinite if compared to one of us. The deep and fascinating music by Marco Podda is a “reductio ad minimum”, but the limits of this exiguity are invisible, remote and they will sleep away more and more.

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Cod.: TC.961601
Compositore: Marco Podda (1963)
Composer: Marco Podda (1963)
Titolo: Le corde dell'aria
Title: Le corde dell'aria
Esecutori: Laura Antonaz, soprano · Giorgio Di Giorgi, flauto<br>Jacopo Francini, violoncello · Lara Macrì, arpa
Performers: Laura Antonaz, soprano · Giorgio Di Giorgi, flute<br>Jacopo Francini, cello · Lara Macrì, harp
Edizione: Gennaio 2015
Edition: January 2015
Testo_Musicologico: Quirino Principe
Musicological_Text: Quirino Principe
Note_it: World Premiere Recording<br>Musica da camera contemporanea
Note: World Premiere Recording<br>Contemporary Chamber Music
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