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Vincenzo Petrali (1830-1889)
Complete Organ Works

Vincenzo Antonio Petrali (Crema, 22 January 1830 – Bergamo, 24 November 1889) was indisputably the predominant figure in the world of Italian organists during the second half of the nineteenth century, and was also acknowledged as the greatest epigone of the felicitous history of the so-called risorgimentale organ, or nineteenth-century Italian organ, whose taste was embodied in the instruments of the Serassi organ makers and of the various schools that proceeded from them. It is safe to say that with Petrali the theatrical style, which was directly influenced by the invasive influence of the opera’s immense popularity, reached its climax. However, he was also one of the protagonists of the transition from that style to musical canons that referred to the models of the great polyphonic tradition (Palestrina and Bach, to mention the most frequently quoted), in keeping with the opinions of the upholders of the so-called Cecilian Reform.

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Cod.: TC.831640
Composer: Vincenzo Petrali (1830-1889)
Performers: Giulio Piovani, organ
Edition: July 2013
Musicological Text: Giulio Piovani
Note: 6 Audio CD + 1 Video DVD Box
On Historical Organs:
Molare (AL), Nostra signora della Pieve, Organ Bianchi 1873-1887.
Valenza (AL), Duomo, Organ Serassi 1854.
Bergamo, SS. Bartolomeo e Stefano, Organ Locatelli 1884.
San Damiano d’Asti, Chiesa di San Vincenzo, Organ Carlo Vegezzi Bossi 1888.
Cuneo, Chiesa del Sacro Cuore, Organ Carlo Vegezzi-Bossi 1897.
The Video DVD contains a presentation of the Theatrical Italian Organ of the 19th Century.