TC.900003-Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco, Nino Rota, Barbara Giuranna, Maurizio Tedeschi-Harp Music–Liliana Safikhanova

Liliana Safikhanova, young harpist from Moscow and winner of the fifth edition of the International Competition “Suoni d’Arpa” in 2015, in this album performs a beautiful anthology of Italian music for harp that embraces the entire Twentieth Century history up to our days: from Luigi Maurizio Tedeschi to Barbara Giuranna, through Alfredo Casella, Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco and Nino Rota, in a miscellany that contains interesting world premiere recordings. This CD is the result of the collaboration between Tactus and the Italian Harp Association and very well represents the double objective set within the “Suoni d’Arpa” competition by the two institutions: on one hand support, value and promote young talents, and, on the other, rediscover the Italian musical heritage dedicated to the harp.

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Cod.: TC.900003
Compositore: Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco (1895-1868), Nino Rota (1911-1979), Barbara Giuranna (1899-1998), Maurizio Tedeschi (1867-1944)
Composer: Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco (1895-1868), Nino Rota (1911-1979), Barbara Giuranna (1899-1998), Maurizio Tedeschi (1867-1944)
Titolo: Musica per arpa
Title: Harp Music
Esecutori: Liliana Safikhanova, arpa
Performers: Liliana Safikhanova, harp
Edizione: Gennaio 2019
Edition: January 2019
Testo_Musicologico: Lorenzo Montenz
Musicological_Text: Lorenzo Montenz
Note_it: includes World Premiere Recording
Note: includes World Premiere Recording
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