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Wolfango Dalla Vecchia (1923-1994)
Sacred Works

Wolfango Dalla Vecchia certainly is an artist that needs to be rediscovered: composer, philosopher, organist, musicologist and lecturer. Within his vast production including genres like vocal, choral, chamber and instrumental (until the computer music), this extract of sacred works is undoubtedly the appearance that he was closest to his heart. His great Christian faith and awareness that art is the main mean to bring the man to the understanding and love of God, are the essence of his music, performed in this recording by a team of musicians who worked with him until his death.

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Cod.: TC.920401
Composer: Wolfango Dalla Vecchia (1923-1994)
Performers: Giovanna Damian, soprano
Schola San Rocco
Silvio Celeghin, organ
Francesco Erle, conductor
Edition: April 2015
Musicological Text: Marco Peretti
Note: World Premiere Recording