TC.921980-Pellegrino Santucci-Opere Sacre-Giuseppe Monari

Padre Pellegrino Santucci, Friar of the Servants of Mary, was a central figure of the Bolognese musical scene from the 60s until shortly before his death in 2010. Composer, teacher and volcanic divulger, as part of the Basilica of Santa Maria dei Servi in Bologna created a very active cultural center focused on competitions, conferences, publications and concert seasons involving many of the major international performers of the moment. The armature developed around such a fertile environment quickly crossed the borders of the region, becoming fertile ground for many young scholars, musicians, and passionate audience. Prolific composer, he produced mainly sacred and liturgy music, yet without ignoring the needs of a high-level concert scene. This World premiere album offers a panoramic of his works where the organ, both as soloist or together with voices and other instruments, serves as the center of gravity of a musical poetics focused on his great love for the Madonna and for the great traditions of the past, the Gregorian chant and Johann Sebastian Bach. The performances are by passionate young musicians and Tactus’ art director Giuseppe Monari at the organ.

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Cod.: TC.921980
Compositore: Pellegrino Santucci (1921-2010)
Composer: Pellegrino Santucci (1921-2010)
Titolo: Opere Sacre
Title: Sacred Works
Esecutori: Comaci Boschi, flauto · Antonio Quero, tromba<br>Daniela Nuzzoli, mezzosoprano e violino<br>Raul Hernandez, tenore · Agatha Bocedi, arpa<br>Giuliano Giuliani, corno inglese · I Solisti Laudensi, Quintetto d'archi<br>Schola Cantorum «Paolo Guglielmetti»<br>Giuseppe Monari, organo
Performers: Comaci Boschi, flute · Antonio Quero, trumpet<br>Daniela Nuzzoli, mezzosoprano and violin<br>Raul Hernandez, tenor · Agatha Bocedi, harp<br>Giuliano Giuliani, english horn · I Solisti Laudensi, String Quintet<br>Schola Cantorum «Paolo Guglielmetti»<br>Giuseppe Monari, organ
Edizione: Maggio 2017
Edition: May 2017
Testo_Musicologico: Giuseppe Monari
Musicological_Text: Giuseppe Monari
Note_it: World Premiere Recording · 3Cd Digipak
Note: World Premiere Recording · 3Cd Box Set
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