TC.941901-Arturo Sacchetti-Organ Works-Marco Limone

Very few Italian musicians may say they contributed to the development of the organistic repertoire as much as Arturo Sacchetti. After studying at the Milan Conservatory, Sacchetti held over 2300 concerts as organist, harpsichordist, pianist, choir and orchestra director. Through his artistic carreer he recorded 150 albums and was assigned many prestigeous responisbilities such as the Vatican Radio artistic direction. He also spent lots of energies - both as interpreter and academic - in spreading the Lorenzo Perosi opera (he is now consideredas his most important historian. But not many know of Sacchetti as composer of organ music. The extraordinarily beautiful nine operas included in this CD (composed through 40 years) are revealed to us by Marco Limone, a talented young organist from Turin (Italy), playing the Brondino Vegezzi-Bossi 2008 organ at the Giorgio Federico Ghedini Music Conservatory in Cuneo - Church of the Holy Trinity, Centallo.

Cod.: TC.941901
Edition: February 2011
Composer: Arturo Sacchetti (1941)
Performers: Marco Limone, organ
Edizione: Febbraio 2011
Compositore: Arturo Sacchetti (1941)
Esecutori: Marco Limone, organo
youtube-video-link: 9xF2FNL42sw
Title: Organ Works
Titolo: Opere per organo
Testo_Musicologico: Arturo Sacchetti
Musicological_Text: Arturo Sacchetti
Note_it: World Premiere Recording
Note: World Premiere Recording
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