TC.960201 – ROBERTO BRAGLIA ORLANDINI (1960) – Missa «Et loquar ad cor ejus» Salve Regina · Beatus vir

Roberto Braglia Orlandini (born in 1960) is one of the Italian composers dedicated to “resistance” and this album is a full evidence of that. But look out: resisting to the “musical barbarism” of modern liturgy does not mean to be a traditionalist. The style shown in his compositions has nothing ancient in itself. On the contrary, it is wholly into line with a certain twentieth-century aesthetic. In the liturgical field for instance, composers such as Domenico Bartolucci or Pellegrino Santucci can be remembered as very representative of a compromise between new musical needs, though always kept within the limits of a healthy euphony, and old tradition.

Cod.: TC.960201
Total Lenght: 48:29
Edition: JUNE 2010
Performers: Angelo Manzotti, soprano solo · Feminine Chamber Choir «Francis Poulenc» · Matteo Cavicchini, piano
Durata Totale: (Italiano) 48:29
Edizione: GIUGNO 2010
Esecutori: Angelo Manzotti, soprano solo · Coro da Camera femmile «Francis Poulenc» · Matteo Cavicchini, pianoforte
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Title: Missa «Et loquar ad cor ejus» - Salve Regina - Beatus vir
Titolo: Missa «Et loquar ad cor ejus» - Salve Regina - Beatus vir
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