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Raffaele Bellafronte (1961)

Raffaele Bellafronte is not a composer in search of something new for the sake ofit, he is not afraid of tradition which he transcends by means of a direct, originaland communicative language. His personality is such that, in the channel betweenthose two poles mentioned at the beginning, he manages to create a kind of ‘thirdpath’ which, without ever dashing the expectations of the listener, is unique in the way it evokes the very idea of a concerto. This CD is a collection of four concertos or concertante pieces that Raffaele Bellafronte wrote from 2000 to 2009.

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Cod.: TC.960202
Composer: Raffaele Bellafronte (1961)
Performers: Patrick De Ritis, bassoon · Francesco D’orazio, violin · Nicola Mazzanti, piccolo · Federico Mondelci, saxofone · Wiener Concert-Verein · Dirk Vermeulen, conductor
Edition: June 2012