TC.880301-Alfredo Casella-The songs of Parisian years-Lorna Windsor · Raffaele Cortesi

Alfredo Casella certainly was the most ‘European’ composer of the famous “eighties generation”: he arrived in Paris as piano student then as concert artist, then he fully lived the varied cultural movement that filled the French capital in the early twentieth century where music, painting, dance and poetry represented the main trends of the continent. The songs for voice and piano constitute one of the most sensitive means of showing how Casella managed to deal with a culture that placed the mélodie in the forefront, by surrounding it with the subtle reverberation emitted by the intertwining of music and poetry, over the background of a social custom that resounded with precious literary streaks. The voice of Lorna Windsor, accompanied by the piano by Raffaele Cortesi, reveals in all its nuances these compositions, belonging to the period when Casella was staying in the stimulating cultural forge of a Paris at the top of its social and artistic importance.

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Cod.: TC.880301
Compositore: Alfredo Casella (1883-1947)
Composer: Alfredo Casella (1883-1947)
Titolo: Le liriche degli «anni di Parigi»
Title: The songs of "Parisian years"
Esecutori: Lorna Windsor, soprano · Raffaele Cortesi, pianoforte
Performers: Lorna Windsor, soprano · Raffaele Cortesi, piano
Edizione: Settembre 2018
Edition: September 2018
Testo_Musicologico: Gian Paolo Minardi
Musicological_Text: Gian Paolo Minardi
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