TB.692090-Giuseppe Tartini-Flute Concertos, Sonatas, The Devil’s trill-Massimo Mercelli, Marco Rogliano, Ensemble Respighi

Born in Pirano d’Istria and then established in Padua, Giuseppe Tartini began studying music and violin at a religious college where he also distinguished himself as skilled fencing shooter; at the same time he also studied law showing his great abilities with which he was able to overcome any kind of commitment. He soon became an international point of reference when he founded the “Scuola delle Nazioni” (School of Nations) in Padova, where many students came from all over Europe to perfect the art of the violin under his guidance. In this double CD including the concerts for flute, for strings, and various sonatas including the famous “Trillo del Diavolo”, the two soloists Massimo Mercelli (flute) and Marco Rogliano (violin) are accompanied by the Ensemble Respighi from Bologna.

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Cod.: TB.692090
Compositore: Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770)
Composer: Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770)
Titolo: Concerti per flauto, Sonate, Il trillo dei diavolo
Title: Flute Concertos, Sonatas, The Devil's trill
Esecutori: Massimo Mercelli, flauto<br>Marco Rogliano, violino<br>Ensemble Respighi
Performers: Massimo Mercelli, flute<br>Marco Rogliano, violin<br>Ensemble Respighi
Edizione: Settembre 2017
Edition: September 2017
Testo_Musicologico: Daniele Proni
Musicological_Text: Daniele Proni
Note_it: Serie Bianca · Incisioni storiche<br>2cd box set<br>Sostituisce i vecchi codici TC.692002 e TC.692004
Note: White Series · Historical Recordings<br>2cd box set<br>It replaces old TC.692002 and TC.692004 codes
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